Papscanee Island Timeline

National Grid Proposes the E37 Natural Gas Pipeline

 National Grid filed an application with the New York State Public Service Commission seeking approval to construct and operate the proposed Pipeline E37 Reliability and Resiliency Project.

E37 Pipeline ApplicationFebruary 2019

The Importance of the Mohican Sachem Papsickene

Papscanee Island was the home of Mohican sachem Papsickene, who also led other nearby Mohican villages on neighboring islands and some of the adjacent mainland. Papscanee’s importance during the 17th century is reflected in how the Mohicans interacted with the Dutch, as the sachem’s decisions meant the difference between war and peace. Significantly, the island still retains the Mohican name of Papscanee. 


There is rich archaeological data from the island that suggests ongoing Mohican occupation from at least 2,500 BC through the contact period of the 1600s.

It is clearly a place that Mohican ancestors knew and returned to generation after generation. Archaeological studies have shown that Mohicans subsided on hickory, butternut squash, freshwater mussels, white-tailed deer, and wild raspberries and blackberries while living on the island. It was an ideal place for procuring sturgeon in the spring, and for planting corn.

2,500 BC - 1600s